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Art Club

Art Club is a regular weekly studio session of 3 hours, so more suitable to those living in the local area. This little-and-often approach will enable you to work on your skills between sessions to make faster progress.

My teaching is aimed at encouraging personal interests and motifs, as well as building confidence and skills. Each student will produce work that is both personal to them and sometimes quite different from each other.  This level of diversity should provide you with the confidence to continue to develop between sessions and keep you engaged with the skills being taught. This very individual approach combined with very small groups is perfect for a mixed ability group and a wide range of personal styles, so that complete beginners can be nurtured and learn alongside more confident artists, who require stretching and challenging.

You will learn from each other, as well as from the demonstrations and examples, and the depth of knowledge that I have built from teaching for nearly 30 years. I want you to tap into your potential and fully enjoy the creative journey. This is a fun friendly experience in the studio, with all materials provided. Tea, coffee and cake too.

£35 a week, or £180 in advance for a six-week block of lessons.


Get in touch to secure your place.

To enquire about Art Club availability, please get in touch.

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